Sex is a natural thing that all humans strive for. Without sex, none of us would be born, and we should not see them negatively as something obscene or taboo, but rather as something endearing and a physical need that must be fulfilled. A study shows that women who don’t have sex at least once a month suffer sexual frustration and depression, which can be dangerous for their mental health in the future. Having sex is something natural, and it can be extremely beneficial for our health, let’s check out their health benefits down below:

Good Workout

Sex is a good way to exercise. It is universally understood; you can have sex even if you don’t know what your partner is saying, contrary to the popular belief that sex is all about communication. Some treat sex as sports where there are no feelings involved, but we can’t deny that having sex does indeed count as a workout because of the number of calories you burn while doing the deed.

Sex can give you the number of calories burned, the same as running a lap because they keep your heart going strong and uses many body muscles. Some celebrities convinced the media that they lost weight from “sexercising” like Kim Kardashian and Henry Cavill; they told their secrets to maintain a fit shape by going to town with their partner, proving that sex count as a good workout.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Research shows that women who don’t have a healthy sex life tend to be involved in many stress and anxiety. This is because they don’t have the ‘feel-good’ hormone associated with sex that our bodies produce when we do the deed. Instead, it is proven that sex can release a brain chemical in our brain that gives us a sense of pleasure and reward, which elevates our relaxation and ease our troubles. So, if you want to de-stress yourself, it’s time to start plowing the garden and reward yourself afterward!

Better Sleep

A night of good sleep is a reward of its own, and we can always use better sleep, especially in these trying times of uncertainty and doubt. After exhausting sex, you begin to feel waves of drowsiness kicking in, and that’s because of the prolactin hormone being released by our brains to signal, “you’ve done a good job; now it’s time to rest”. Therefore, having sex can directly impact your sleep quality. Thus, we should have sex frequently if we want to sleep better!

The Bottom Line

Sex is supposed to make us feel good; it should not be something negative. Having sex is healthy, and it is a fact that is supported by science and research, so don’t believe what the media is telling you; put your faith in doctors and scientists who have years of experience studying the subject. If you want to experience these benefits, then we suggest you up your game and have more sex!